Thursday, April 12, 2012

Republicans and Racism

From TNR's Timothy Noah's article, some highlights:
  • The Republican party's small-government philosophy has limited federal interference with discriminatory practices at the state and local level, and with racial bigotry generally. 
  • The Republican majority on the Supreme Court will likely soon abolish affirmative action altogether. 
  • The Republican party's tax policies favor rich "job creators," who tend disproportionately to be white, and its opposition to the welfare state--initially to cash transfers, then to non-cash assistance like food stamps, and finally even to unemployment benefits--tends to harm lower-income people, who tend disproportionately to be black. 
  • The Republican party's criminal justice policies have put an appallingly high proportion of black men in jail, often for petty drug offenses. 
  • Republicans tend to favor the death penalty, which leads to execution of a disproportionate number of blacks.