Friday, November 10, 2006

Elections 2006

I haven't written anything about this years US elections. I followed them very closely. I was ecstatic to see Democrats win this many seats and in almost a century got control of both the houses in a single election. I believe that it wouldnt have been possible with out the progressive netroots (mydd, dailykos, atrios and moveon) stepping up the ante and doing a lot of on the ground work. It was good to see Dems gaining the control of the senate in a nail biting finish. It was wonderful to see the Stem Cell research initiative win.

Somehow got interested in US politics like an year ago. I think Michael Moore was my initial window into US politics. I think I would have voted Democratic if I can Vote. In US I think its just the party that makes decisions. There are 435 congressmen and 100 senators. But most of them vote along party lines unless in an election year or if they are running for president. Or may be if you are a republican then your beliefs are pretty much in sync with all the republican initiatives in the congress. Same applies to democrats.