Friday, September 14, 2007

India VS Pakistan in Twenty20

I haven't had such a blood rush watching a cricket match in a long time. (Yesterday, my heart pounded at 100mph, but that's for my careless driving). Anyways, What a game. I think its the first India vs Pakistan Twenty20 game. And it will be worth to buy a video if available. It was India's game to lose until the last 3 overs. Which was pakistan's to lose after a dismal score by India batting first.
Misbah-ul-Haq played an awesome innings. In my book he should get the MOM instead of Asif.

The bowl-out sounded funny, I didn't knew this existed until the commentators were talking about it. Talking about commentators, what a pathetic bunch. They were drooling like anything for Afridi to come to bat. He left after scoring 7 in 9. Nothing intelligent comes from their mouths. Anyways, I thought which bowler wouldn't be able to hit 3 wickets with out a batsman in front of them. Boy, how I was proven wrong. All 3 pakistani bowlers missed the wickets by a mile. The fast bowlers shortened their runup, which I think caused them to miss the wickets.

Anyways, a good win for India.. Yahoo!!