Friday, November 30, 2007

Car Registration

What a pain this moving to new cities is. Other than the actual major stuff like moving, packing, loading, unloading, looking for an apt, there are stuff like updating your new address in 100 different places, getting a new drivers license, car registration, car insurance.

Right now i am doing the second set (which was supposed to be done like within 30 days of moving). Anyways, in Georgia, to get the car tags updated, we need to get the GA drivers license. To get the drivers license, we need to have proof of insurance. So while checking that out, I realized I didn't update my car insurance info after moving to Atlanta!! So, I need to shop for that now.

Anyways, to get the car tags, we also need to get the car emissions tested. And looks like we need to do this every single year. Isn't that a little overkill? Anyways, below is the pic of my Nissan getting emission tested :)