Thursday, January 17, 2008

Time to Kick Wasim Jaffer Out of the Team

I think its about time to kick Jaffer out of the team and bring someone else (anyone). His aggregate in the last 7 innings is the grand total of 73. That, for an opener is dismal to say the least. He has the worst aggregate of a batsman in both the teams combined. Please let him out of his misery and replace him with another person (a bowler, fielder, a keeper, whatever). I am sure he will be way better useful for the team.

Following is his performance in the last 4 tests:

25 08/12/2007 PAK Chinnaswamy Stadium 1st 17
2nd 18
26 26/12/2007 AUS Melbourne Cricket Gr 1st 4
2nd 15
27 02/01/2008 AUS Sydney Cricket Grnd 1st 3
2nd 0
28 16/01/2008 AUS W.A.C.A. Ground 1st 16