Friday, March 28, 2008

Great American Hypocrites

Glenn Greenwald's new book is titled 'Great American Hypocrites'. He wrote a post today detailing how similar John McCain's foreign policy is to George Bush's. At the end of the post he blurted out this paragraph, which I think maybe a summarizing his new book. Here it is:
We must stop supporting autocracies, as we pursue hegemonic policies that make us increasingly dependent upon Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan. Democracy is the linchpin of peace, yet our enemies are Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iranian hardliners supported by large portions of those countries' populations. We should continue to interfere in Middle East countries (thus ensuring increased anti-Americanism) and simultaneously spread democracy (thus ensuring the election of anti-American political leaders). We must rein in government spending while pursuing hegemonic policies that we can't remotely afford to pay for, etc. etc.