Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Top 10 Records broken by 'The Dark Knight'

From 'The Numbers':
1. The film opened in 4,366 theaters, which is the widest opening ever breaking At World's End's previous record.
2. 3,040 theaters held midnight showings where the film earned $18.49 million, breaking Revenge of the Sith's record.
3. In total on Friday the film made $67.17 million, setting the opening day in history topping Spider-man 3, as well as...
4. Biggest single day, and...
5. Biggest Friday.
6. Tying the record for fastest to $100 million at just two days.
7. On Sunday it made $43.60 million, which was the biggest Sunday ever (also beating Spider-man 3) and...
8. The biggest third day of release.
9. Over the weekend it made $158.41 which is the new record for biggest weekend.
10. While its per theater average of $36,283 was the largest per theater average for any wide release topping Spider-man 3. (However, it lost out to Miley Cyrus for best per theater average for a number one film.)