Monday, January 12, 2009

Amitabh Bacchan's Life

I am fascinated by Amitabh's blog. It gives a rare insight into one of THE most popular person in India's life. He writes at least 1 post a day at the end of the day, filling it mostly with what he did on that particular day and what he might be doing the day after. From what I read he loves his family and misses them constantly because of their/his schedule. He feels elated when his house is full with family and friends. He is friends with Madhavan and Akshay Kumar. Herez a snippet from his post today:
Akshay, of Akshay Kumar, of Singh is Kingh of Chandni Chowk to China, of father to delightful little Aarav, Aarav, that moves with the constant expressive smile that conveys, he has just committed some serious mischief, that Akshay, has called at 5:30 am ! He is in Toronto at 2:30 am !!

‘CCTC is premiering at London, Leicester Square on the 12th, tomorrow night, shall be honored if you could come and join us.’

I tell him I shall.

‘Delighted Sir ! Just don’t bring your brains and thinking cap along !!’, he ends. I give him assurance.

He loves and has enormous respect for his parents. He is very humble. Very diligent. He apologizes if he misses to write one day. Eloquent. Simply a very good read. If you are not following him on his blog, you are missing on something good. Go read it.