Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama - Is he Just Words?

My bro has written this post saying Obama is just words and he doesn't do what he say.
Bipartisan - I'll accept your opinion only if you agree with me.
Transparency - I'll give you the details when you can do nothing about it.
Hope - You can't hope for something if it already happened. (synonyms: Catastrophe)
Lobbyists - Lobbyists minus my friends
Healthy Debate - 'I Won!!'

Too Soon??
My reply to that:

I don't agree totally.

He tried to be bipartisan by giving the tax cuts they wanted, which eventually resulted in ZERO votes. 36 repub senators voted for an alternate bill that is full of tax cuts, which every economist said was an unbelievably irresponsible thing of enormous consequences. So there is no bipartisanship with a group that are so united (ZERO!!) to see you fail. You can't say he didn't try, can you?

The Hope doesn't fix the economy. Hope lifts the confidence of the people. Hope can only take you some distance. I don't think he said I am going to change this country ONLY on HOPE. Hope is a part not the whole.

He did install much stricter rules than any of his predecessors. He should have totally shut off Lobbyists but I don't think there are a whole lot of Lobbyists in his admin.

Healthy debate goes back to bipartisanship. There should at least be an effort from the opposite side. We don't have the total context of 'I Won'. I don't think you would say he is arrogant. You can't have a debate let alone healthy debate with someone who is acting in bad faith. Saying stuff like its a generational theft, its crap and such.