Monday, July 3, 2006

Traffic Review

watched traffic atlast last night. wanted to watch it for a long time. the movie did not disappoint me. i loved it. after seeing this i see that crash is very close to the way it was taken(screenplay). close to real life in front of your eyes. you cant expect/predict whats going to happen next.

there are a lot of characters which are introduced one by one in a round-robin sort of way. after the second round..slowly the stories slowly blend with each other. steven soderbergh is a smart man. i loved erin brockowich too. i used to think ..why ban drugs? (maybe after reading gore vidal) it involves so much black market, crime, corruption etc. after watchin the movie i am not quite sure. the people addicted to it can die pretty easy. if it is available freely..i think it might increase the chances of students using it. so, for now..i think the best way is to work at both ends of this problem. demand and supply.

overall a wonderful story to be put into cinema and excellend screenplay and acting. kudos!