Friday, October 20, 2006

college basketball championship @ vja

i am thinking of conducting/sponsoring a sports championship in vijayawada between colleges. i dont know how much is presently being done, but i am sure there is a lot of promise in creating more entertaiment fields in india other than movies and cricket.

everytime i see these nfl, nba, mlb, nhl matches, i think of why it cant be done in india. a competition between clubs (i think there are for soccer) for various sports. a competition between colleges ( i think only cricket has ). there is enormous amount of talent, entertainment value and money to just not take up the same in india.

i think we should be able to promote interest by proper marketing. by televising the events, by advertising and with good prize money. and also if there is a proper career oppurtunity in sports. not just in cricket. like a strong structure of professional leagues to goto once they are done with college. i know i am just talking from what i see here in usa.

the sports i can think of that are going to work at college level are basketball, volleyball