Saturday, September 16, 2006

Friday Night Dinner

I wasn't in the mood for a regular dinner yesterday night. Wanted to go out but, wasn't in the mood for a restaurant or a fast food joint, thought may be panera. But wasnt in the mood for bread. So couldnt think of a place to go and eat!! So, thought we will just go get a movie from blockbuster and go to one of eaterie's on the way.
Once we set out, my wife suggested we can try noodles & co. So, we went there to try it out. It is neat little place, in their own words..
Noodles & Company isn't some plastic fast food place...although it is fast. And it's not some intimidating take-hours-to-get-served place either. Like the food, Noodles & Company is the best of all worlds. A restaurant that invites you to sit down and make yourself comfortable. In a space that's simple, yet elegant. At tables and chairs made from wood. And surrounded by colors as natural as the food we serve. It's a design that
says welcome to our home.

Like we said, different.

It was the different I was looking for. The concept was like Panera bread. Just like panera's 1/2 and 1/2 option, here they had something called trio (pronounced tree-0, not try-0: as told by the person at the counter). We both had the trio. I had Indonesian Peanut Saute with Tossed Green side Salad and malli had Buttered noodles with Ceaser Salad. Our total came out to be 13.68. So, not bad for a nice little "different" friday night dinner.

I'd recommend it!! 4 *'s / 4 :)