Sunday, September 17, 2006

The world in 2050 | FP Passport

From Foreign Policy this:
Residents of Trinidad and Tobago use more energy per person than Americans. Sixty percent of Moroccan women are illiterate. Cuban men have a higher life expectancy than German men. All of these stats come from the "State of the World Population 2006," released by the United Nations Population Fund last week.
The report peers into the future to project that the world's population will rise from 6.54 billion today to 9.07 billion by 2050. This growth will be far from evenly distributed. The population of Africa will more than double, with Uganda being home to 29.9 million today to 126.9 million people in a few decades, while Europe's population will decline by 75 million—equivalent to the combined population of Britain, Norway, and Sweden today. Both
Phillip Longman and Niall Ferguson have speculated in FP about the geo-political consequences of all this.