Sunday, January 7, 2007

Annavaram - A Dud

Watched this Pawan Kalyan's latest movie yesterday. Nothing special in there. Its just a curry of all different previous successful formulae. Nothing in the movie was above average, The fights, The music, The sentiment, The romance. Everything is just about what you might have seen already. The only scene in the entire movie that touched me was the death of Pawan's close friend Narasimha (Venumadhav). That scene was very detailed in depicting the emotions of the people who loved him to see him dead. Especially his mother.

About the characters in the movie: The whole movie revolves around Pawan. Asin was given very minute role. Just a few dialogues or a glimpse before a song starts. There was no attempt by the director, whatsoever, to depict a relationship between the leading stars. The brother-sister relationship which was supposed to be the heart of the movie, was not fully developed. It was good in the first half, but after interval therez no relationship whatsoever. The sister (Sandhya) suddenly starts overacting, maybe to show that she is very naive as a contrast to the city people pawan deals with.

Overall, it is an average telugu movie. No need to watch it unless your only interest is in the people who acted rather than the characters, the script, dialogues and all that jazz :)