Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Media and Politicians

Media and the Politicians have a strange relationship. I've always had this question of whether its a one-way or two-way relationship. In USA at least, I feel Politicians need Media a lot more than the other way around. When they are running for an office they have to put their face on TV a lot. Its just like advertising. Shows like Meet the Press, Face the Nation, This Week are so popular Politicians volunteer to come on to the shows when they have something to say.

I wondered what happens when a media outlet does propagandizing against a person or a party. Say Fox News against Democratic party. What can the Politicians do? Can they decide to not go to that Channel? What if its a popular channel with a particular group of people (red state republicans) only watch That particular channel.

Recently Obama was smeared by right wing (incl Fox) about his education in a Madrassa. Now we hear from The Sleuth that he is freezing Fox news out. Kos and MyDD were cheering this decision. So, lets see how this is going to end. Can Obama win this primary with out ever appearing on Fox News? What about the general election. Will he lift his Freeze (if there is any) then?