Friday, January 19, 2007

Questions related to Shawn Hornbeck's kidnap ordeal

  • What do you think about the name he used in multiple profiles on the internet: shawn devlin? and about a post in a page devoted to his search under the same name asking "how long will you guys search for him?"
  • The predator allows him to use his first name and tells him to use devlin as his last name?
  • What about all the piercings and the hair he has grown.
  • He cut his hair and removed all the piercings when he went on oprah why?
  • If you look at the video when he was first shown with the police..he looks just cool. He is not excited, he is not depressed. He just walks as though hez going to his house from his school. Even in the interviews he laughs, hides his face when his father discloses something embarrassing
  • With all the evidence that we have, we can spin it anyway you want. it could be either oreilly's spin or other spin
More info from Gateway Pundit: and From CNN: